Tall Corner Shelves That Utilitarian And Inviting

Tall Silver Metal Corner Shelves For Bathroom Decor Idea

All parts of the room are precious, not least the corner. Unfortunately, it is often ignored. Many homeowners think it will not be worth it. However, it could be the opposite to be more useful than they thought before. If you have an empty corner, consider putting a tall shelf there and see how it can give your room more value in style and functionality.

Notably, for the smaller interiors, it works best. With the tall body, it will provide you much space to your stuff or decorative items without having to take much valuable floor space. You have many choices of models so you can easily match it with the entire room’s layout or your taste. Even, you can make the DIY project to meet your specific taste. For example, the tall white distressed wood corner shelf design. Besides, you can repurpose the old door to make the unique piece of furniture in rustic worn-out look. The distance between the shelves with each other is high enough so that you can use it to flaunt the indoor potted plants.

The most popular material is wooden such as real wood, MDF, chipboard, or plywood. Oak and teak are the examples of the common wood material. Oak is great to create both rustic and modern feel. Meanwhile, the teak is ideally for the bathroom since it is more water-resistant than other wood species. Besides wooden, it can be found in metal and acrylic. The latter is strong, durable, and great as an accessory option to add the stylish décor in the modern interior.

The tall metal corner shelves are available in various elegant colors such as black, white, silver, and brown. The stainless steel is the ideal choice if you are looking for the high quality, durable and trendy option. It is resistant to corrosion naturally and withstands rough. Thus, it is more versatile than others and can hold any stuff such as kitchen appliances or garage tools.

  • Tips for finding the best tall corner shelf options
  1. Measure space and furniture

Basically, the corner shelf comes in the triangle shaped with 90 degrees angle. However, the corner space may vary in size so you are strongly advised to measure both space and the furniture to fit properly. For larger space, the tall dual sided corner shelf is ideal. The espresso finish adds the stylish bold décor to the white wall paint.

  1. Identifying your need and how many shelves do you need?

Ideally, the shelf for books has the solid back, while for other home accessories could be the solid back and Etagere style which featuring an open back.

The tall corner shelves can be found in three, four, five, and more open tiered shelves. Besides, it is available in the combination of the doors on the bottom. Considering your need is the right way to find the perfect one.

  1. Choose the material, style, and color.

Most of the tall corner shelves are available in freestanding models. However, few can be found in wall mounted option. The tall rectangle body with triangular shaped is the most popular. Nevertheless, you can find few in the pyramid style and dual-sided designs. About the color, you have many choices. You can use the following images as the inspiration.

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Tall White Corner Shelves With Five TiersTall White Wooden Corner Shelf With Triple Shelves In Two Different SizesTall Teak Wood Corner Shelves For BathroomTall Metal Corner ShelvesTall White Corner Five Tiered ShelvesTall Oak Corner ShelvesTall Silver Metal Corner Shelves For Bathroom Decor IdeaTall White Corner Shelf With DoorsTall Dual Sided Corner ShelvesGlossy Tall Black Corner Shelves With Pyramid StyleTall White Distressed Wood Corner ShelfTall Black Corner Wall Shelves For Books And Tiny Indoor Plant

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