Stylish Bear Claw Tub Designs

Bathroom Interior Idea Present Freestanding Bear Claw Tub Under Floral Chandelier And Glazed Walk In Shower

Did you know that bathing is not only good for your health and freshness but your soul too? In fact, many people make bath time to play, relax, and even dream. If you do not believe it, just practice it using the bear claw tub. Why must use it? Can I use another kind of tub? Yes, you can, as long as you use the soaking tub. In this case, the bear claw tub is perfect to accompany you to refresh your body and mind, play with Mr. Bubbles, and also sleep, as well as dreaming. Therefore, it is no wonder if it became a symbol of luxury in the late 19 th century. In addition, the design of the foot that resembles a bear’s claw makes it unique and phenomenal.

In ancient times, the bear claw tub was made of cast iron and coated with porcelain. However, these days, you can find this item in various materials to match the contemporary bathroom layout such as acrylic and fiberglass. Many people are sometimes confused when determining what material that will be chosen between acrylic and cast iron. If you want to create the feel of luxury in the classic feel, the choice is obviously the cast iron. It can be painted in any color to match the bathroom d├ęcor. This is sturdiest one. However, it becomes the disadvantage because making it hard to be moved around. Nevertheless, the cast iron bear claw tub remains in demand today.

For those who often remodel the bathroom, the advisable option is the acrylic bear claw tub. Besides lightweight, it is easy to install and will never crack or rust. When you touch it, your hands will not hot as the previous choice. The fiberglass is also available but not so popular as both cast iron and acrylic.

The bear claw tub comes in various styles. They are classic roll rim, slipper, double slipper, and double ended. The sizes vary that can be identifying the types of the styles ranging from the 48″ classic to the 72″ double slipper. If you like to bathe together with loved ones, you have three options namely double ended claw tub with 60″ or 66″, and the 72″ double slipper. They can accommodate two adults for showering, bathing, soaking, and even lounging back with head rested, legs extended and knees below rim comfortably.

The bear claw tub can be found in the wall, rim, and no faucet drilling. You can use it as a consideration where you will put it. In addition, it is available in free standing, English Telephone, and more. Here, you will find the gorgeous bear claw tubs in diverse variety colors such as light blue, black and white, turquoise, and more. To create the perfect luxury in elegant taste, you can install the curtain over it as pictured one of the inspiring pictures below. However, you should know if choosing the curtain for this tub is different from the selection of curtains for other model tubs. The tip is that you not only need to complete the circular track but completely goes around the bear claw tub.

10 photos of the "Stylish Bear Claw Tub Designs"

Antique Turquoise Bear Claw Tub With CurtainSmall White Bear Claw Tub On Parquet FloorCool Black And White Bear Claw Tub With Freestanding Tap On Wooden FloorBathroom Interior Idea Present Freestanding Bear Claw Tub Under Floral Chandelier And Glazed Walk In ShowerClassic White Porcelain Freestanding Tub With Silver Bear Claw FootSmall Bear Claw Tub With Floor Tap For Small SpaceCast Iron Bear Claw Tub And Stainless Steel Dish Rack On Charcoal Wooden FloorWallpapered Bathroom Idea Present Blue And White Bear Claw Foot Tub Plus Vintage Painted ChairBlack And White Bear Claw Tub On Rounded Bathroom Floor TileBear Claw Tub And Floor Bathroom Tap

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