10 Terrific Standup Computer Desk Design Ideas

Wooden Sectional Sit Stand Up Computer Desk With Filing Cabinet And Drawers

Furniture | By: evoninestore

How long do you feel comfortable sitting in front of the computer? Two hours, four, or even more? Each person does have different abilities depending on their health. However, did you know if too much sitting can kill you? Believe it or not, the fact, it can cause some serious diseases such as heart [...]

Minimalist Floating Tv Consoles Designs

White Floating Tv Console With Doors And Shelves

Furniture | By: evoninestore

There are several kinds of TV stands that you can get in furniture stores. The TV console is one of the most popular designs with features that are easily recognizable. It has generally a rectangular structure with useful closed shelving unit. Nevertheless, you can find the other designs with the combination [...]

Compact And Stylish Corner Liquor Cabinets Designs

Suitcase Inspired Wall Mounted Corner Liquor Cabinet With Upside Down Glass Rack

Furniture | By: evoninestore

One of the effective ways to organize a room to look neat and work best is to put a piece of furniture in the corner, especially for those that are often used such as a liquor cabinet. It can be found in many choices based on sizes, heights, materials, styles, and features. The function of this furniture [...]

Stylish Bear Claw Tub Designs

Classic White Porcelain Freestanding Tub With Silver Bear Claw Foot

Bathroom | By: evoninestore

Did you know that bathing is not only good for your health and freshness but your soul too? In fact, many people make bath time to play, relax, and even dream. If you do not believe it, just practice it using the bear claw tub. Why must use it? Can I use another kind of tub? Yes, you can, as long as [...]

Nice Short Tv Stands Designs

Simple Short Black Wood Tv Stand With Open Storage

Furniture | By: evoninestore

One of the main keys to getting the best TV stand is to pay attention to the room, both the size and the furniture set existing there. If your living space has a modern low style couch, then the TV stand should also be aligned with you in a sitting position. In this case, the short TV stand is ideal. [...]

10 Awesome Tall Platform Bed Designs For Luxury Impression

Tall Upholstered Platform Bed With Drawers And Tufted Headboard

Bedroom | By: evoninestore

If you are wondering why most people choose the platform beds than other types? Here, you will find the answer. Since it is raised on closely set slat that is why it is called the platform. It does not need any additional mattress, foundation or a box spring. Thus, it is cheaper and can save your money. [...]

15 Gorgeous Wrought Iron Bedstead Designs For Elegant Bedroom Ideas

Twin Size Wrought Iron Bedstead And Tall Narrow Side Table

Bedroom | By: evoninestore

Everyone would expect to have a bed that is not only comfortable but also cool in terms of look, strong, and durable. Have you found the right choice? If not, maybe you will find inspiration by looking at the pictures below. Yes, right! They are wrought iron bedstead. Thanks to its amazing malleable [...]

15 Outstanding Deep Seated Couches Designs

Home With Open Floor Plan Present Deep Fabric Seated Loveseat Couch And Blue Wingback Accent Chair

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There are several aspects that affect the comfort of a couch. One that you really need to take note of is the depth of the seat. Notably, for those of you with high posture, the couch with the deeper seat is perfect. In fact, it is available in various types of dimensions which are categorized into three [...]

12 Bathroom Vanities With Makeup Table Design Ideas That Functional And Beautiful

Trendy Bathroom Vanities With Make Up Table And Stool Facing Wall Shelves Plus Tv

Bathroom | By: evoninestore

Nowadays, the bathroom not only serves as a place to bathe and relax but more than that. If you want to upgrade that space, there is no loss if you add the makeup table near the vanity. It is excellent for those of you who have a routine before or after sleeping done in the bathroom such as brushing [...]

Stunning King Size Platform Bed With Headboard For Completing Bedroom Centerpieces

Modern White King Size Floating Bed Frame With Headboard And Functional Side Tables

Bedroom | By: evoninestore

Beds are the key in any bedroom. That is why many people are thorough in choosing it. Not only comfort, but it offers the great focal point. The most important of the bed is the frame. Nevertheless, the headboard can refine it as the bedroom centerpiece. Besides, it adds style to not only the bed but [...]