Multipurpose Wall Mount Coat Rack With Shelf Design Ideas

Black And Silver Wall Mount Coat Rack With Three Cubby Shelves

Although it sounds ordinary, but there is no other more practical way to put a coat unless hung it on the wall mount rack. Either in the entryway, hallway, or bedroom, it really works well. Anyone cannot dodge it. Imagine if you put it in a closet or container, it will make you inconvenience in storing and taking, especially if you are in a hurry. Notably, the wall mount coat rack with shelf will provide you more than just handy storage for coats, but for other tiny items such as keys, hats, scarves, and so forth.

The wall mount coat racks typically consist of several metal hooks. Most of them are in silver and black finishes. Nevertheless, you will find the idea in wooden, especially if the design is made from the DIY or homemade project as presented one of the inspirational pictures below. Besides, there is the coolest chrome and wooden wall mount coat rack with square hooks and ample shelf on top which can be used to put the hat, sunglasses, and more.

It is pretty easy to make your own coat rack by using wood. In this post, you will see some easy DIY wall mount rack with shelves design ideas. Besides cheap enough, you also can adjust to your needs and family. The example, you can make it in two, four, five, and more hooks. Meanwhile, if you do not want to bother, you can buy one that suits your taste. It is available in many options ranging from the design to the price. The unfinished wood wall mount rack with shelf on top is affordable. In addition, you can give it special touch based on your styles such as painted in your favorite colors or you can mix and match it with the wall or the interior color scheme. The light gray floating shelf with three coat racks mounted on the light gray wall is nice to create a matching décor.

Notably, for the entryway, it needs more than simple storage because in that space become the main traffic for in and out of the house. Likely a lot of stuff to be put there. If your entryway is so, you had better choose the wall mount coat rack with cubby shelves which usually amount to three. As you can see in the following images, the options can be found in unfinished wood and painted wood in black. Nevertheless, you can find other finishes and colors.

The open shelf is practical. However, if you want to store a secreted item, it is not the right choice. Then, what design is suitable for that purpose? Here is the great answer. The light wood wall mounted coat rack with shelf and creative door. Surprisingly, it can accommodate a gun, books, letters, and so forth. When it is closed, anyone will not know if the above hooks there is a secret storage shelf. The light wood tone is suitable for any décor and paint color of the wall.

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Light Wood Wall Mount Coat Rack For Five With ShelfUnfinished Wood Wall Mount Coat Rack With Triple Cubbies ShelvesBlack And Silver Wall Mount Coat Rack With Three Cubby ShelvesCreative Small Unfinished Wood Wall Mount Coat Rack With Hidden ShelfGlossy Espresso Wall Mount Coat Rack With Ample Open Shelf On TopSimple Wood And Iron Wall Mount Coat Rack With ShelfBlack Wall Mount Coat Rack With ShelfExtraordinary Chrome And Wood Wall Mount Coat Rack With Ample Shelf On TopSilver Metal Wall Mount Coat Rack With Unfinished Wood ShelfPainted Wood Wall Mount Coat Rack With Shelf

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