Minimalist Floating Tv Consoles Designs

There are several kinds of TV stands that you can get in furniture stores. The TV console is one of the most popular designs with features that are easily recognizable. It has generally a rectangular structure with useful closed shelving unit. Nevertheless, you can find the other designs with the combination of open and closed storage.

The TV console is available in freestanding and floating models. The latter is such a wall-mounted unit that offer the open floor space underneath to look it clean and nice. Most of the design features shelves and sometimes added by the cord concealment. There are two styles in putting the TV that is on the top surface or wall-mounted it over the console furniture. If you want to create such a harmonious and interesting look, the latter option is perfect. In fact, mounting the TV on the wall will add your room's décor to be sophisticated.

The floating TV console can be found in many options based on the sizes, material, colors and features. Most of them are long with the abundant surface on top. It is an interesting idea to put a tiny indoor potted plant, decorative vases, or cool lighting such as the stylish table lamp with green and white chevron shade which stand perfectly on the white floating TV console.

When speaking about the color of the furniture, what is your favorite? I personally love the white shade since it is versatile. It will match any décor so I do not worry about what the wall paint color which is mounted the TV console. Besides, the white tone can deliver the nice impression of cleanliness and beauty which are needed to enhance the room's look.

The floating TV console is generally in wooden constructions. You have several options regarding the finishes and colors such as white, light or dark brown, and black. Moreover, it can be found in the gorgeous two tones finish such as the long wooden floating TV console with two white doors which flank the tiered ample shelves. It is great as the console unit for the large flat screen TV that mounted on the white wall. In addition, you can find the item in the real wood as pictured one of the beautiful design that equipped with a single drawer flanked by two open storage.

The similar design is the black floating TV console with two glass doors which reflex the bright blue tone. It is very stylish, especially added by the cute tiny indoor greenery and red table lamp. If you love the unique Asian letter, you can hang it over the furniture. In this case, the small flat screen TV is standing beautifully on the surface of the console.

Do you want another cool design? The next long solid wood TV console is floating elegantly on the neutral wall. The furniture is minimalist yet multipurpose with several pieces of storage and standing additional shelves on one side of the TV. The small square fireplace enhances the function of this awesome piece of furniture. With the big wall-mounted TV above the furniture set, it is worthy of the focal point in the room and you can call it as the mini superb entertainment center.



You can see minimalist floating tv consoles designs ideas through the images below.

Small Floating Tv Console With Four Shelves

Modern Black Floating Tv Console Stand With Doors And Lighting

Solid Wood Floating Tv Console With Two Open Storage And Single Drawer

Two Tones Floating Tv Console With Two Doors And Long Tiered Shelves

Long Floating Tv Console With Square Fireplace And Bookshelf

Long Wooden Floating Tv Console With Doors

White Floating Tv Console With Doors And Shelves

Narrow Long Wood Floating Tv Console With Shelves For Devices

Wooden Floating Tv Console With Two Doors In Different Size

Gallery 9 images of Minimalist Floating Tv Consoles Designs

Small Floating Tv Console With Four Shelves

Modern Black Floating Tv Console Stand With Doors And Lighting

Solid Wood Floating Tv Console With Two Open Storage And Single Drawer

Two Tones Floating Tv Console With Two Doors And Long Tiered Shelves

Long Floating Tv Console With Square Fireplace And Bookshelf

Long Wooden Floating Tv Console With Doors

White Floating Tv Console With Doors And Shelves

Narrow Long Wood Floating Tv Console With Shelves For Devices

Wooden Floating Tv Console With Two Doors In Different Size

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