9 Space Saving Narrow End Tables In Stylish Designs

The end table is a piece of versatile furniture, and you know it well. That is why you wish to have it to complement your living space. However, the problem is you are faced with a small space. Do not worry about that because how small the room you have, you still have the same opportunity with those who have larger house size. You just need to be smart in choosing the furniture. You are lucky to have been on this site because in this post you will see a wide selection of the beautiful narrow end tables that would fit for your small room. Here, they are!

The end table is useful in any place, especially beside a couch or a bed. Besides, the narrow light wooden console table with tall shelf is standing elegantly in the middle of two large ergonomic brown recliner chairs. See how useful the table is. The homeowner can use the top surface of the table to put drink bottle, gadget, and whatever. In addition, the upper shelf that is low to the ground can be used to put the tall items or accessories.

The narrow end table comes in many gorgeous designs and unusual shapes such as the narrow c-shaped wooden and metal tray end table. It looks cool with the faux leaves body, a wire base which can be used as the decorative vase stand, and the square wooden surface on top add the balanced look to the metal frame. The end table like this is easy to be moved and that it why it is called the tray table. It is great to set beside or in front of the couch.

You will find the narrow end table in various shapes. If you want to add a unique décor, consider picking the narrow wedge end table. It is equipped with the low to the ground shelf that is utilitarian for decorative items. If you wonder why almost of the end or accent tables are equipped with storage, then the answer is indeed one of the purposes of manufacture it is to provide extra storage in a room. The advantages of the existing storage on such furniture are that it is easy to grab. You do not need to stand up and walk to get something stuff such as a book, a drink, and more. You just sit down and grab the storage that is on the table next to you. It is practical and efficient, is not it?

The narrow end tables are available with a variety different types of storage such as a drawer, an open storage or a shelf, a magazine rack, storage with a door, and a pull-out tray shelf. If you are looking for the excellent one, the narrow wooden end table with the magazine rack on one side, a mini cupboard with the door, and the pull-out tray could be the great option. You can expand the surface top of the table by pulling out the tray and use it to put anything, including your gadget.

You can see 9 space saving narrow end tables in stylish designs ideas through the images below.

Narrow Light Wooden End Table With Shelf Underneath

Narrow End Table With Storage Unit

Narrow Wood Wedge End Table With Shelf

Narrow Wood And Metal Tray End Table With Faux Leaves Accent

Narrow Wood End Table With Pull Out Tray And Door Also Magazine Rack

Antique Narrow White End Table With Drawer And Carving Accent

Narrow Dark Wood End Table With Shelf And Triple Tiered Drawers

Unique Narrow Two Tones Wood End Table With Drawer

Narrow Black End Table With Storage Drawer And Two Tiered Shelves

Gallery 9 images of 9 Space Saving Narrow End Tables In Stylish Designs

Narrow Light Wooden End Table With Shelf Underneath

Narrow End Table With Storage Unit

Narrow Wood Wedge End Table With Shelf

Narrow Wood And Metal Tray End Table With Faux Leaves Accent

Narrow Wood End Table With Pull Out Tray And Door Also Magazine Rack

Antique Narrow White End Table With Drawer And Carving Accent

Narrow Dark Wood End Table With Shelf And Triple Tiered Drawers

Unique Narrow Two Tones Wood End Table With Drawer

Narrow Black End Table With Storage Drawer And Two Tiered Shelves

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