13 Ideas Of Fantastic Pool Decks For Above Ground Pools

Round Above Ground Pool With Fountain And Wooden Deck Plus Iron Combo Railing

The higher object would look nicer to look at, as well as the above ground pool that looks more attractive than the in-ground pool. For those who live in the area with the poor soil condition or high water table so that it is impossible to have the swimming pool, whereas you really want it, the above ground pool is the great solution so that you can reach the dream.

The fact that adding the swimming pool will add the luxury and appeal of your home. It can be a favorite spot for kids to play and to exercise. Therefore, you do not surprise if many people who want it and even make it as a necessity. Well, after you have built it, then the question arises that refers to the desire to give it a touch to make it perfect. Although to reach the pool and plunge into the water, you can use a ladder, but it seems less interesting and secure, especially for kids. What about adding a deck? That sounds interesting because it will definitely offer many benefits not only to climb but also you can enjoy the sun and many fun activities.

For those of you who are going to add the deck for the above pool, the first thing, you should think about what material you will use. This is important for your comfort when on it. Besides, the durability is that you have to consider well. Although it is available in various options but many people prefer to choose vinyl or aluminum deck because it offers the durability and low in maintenance. Actually, the PVC deck is also low-maintenance, but it takes a little time to install and slightly more pricey that the previous two materials. If your pool deck is often used for many people from family, friends to guests, the PVC deck is the best. The greatest benefit is that it is resistant to all weathers.

The term of deck actually comes from the wooden floor. Therefore, the wood is a highly recommended pool deck material. However, it needs high care and maintenance. If you are looking for the affordable type of wood, go with the pine. Meanwhile, if the durability is your main goal, teak wood will provide you the best performance. It can withstand to mildew, mold, and insects. Both pine and teak require waterproofing. You have other options such as the mahogany and redwood deck. Both are excellent to create an elegant look. Then, if you want the pool deck material that looks very similar to wood but does not want to do maintenance as it should be done on the wooden deck, the great option is the composite deck.

After you decide what material you want to use to make the above ground pool deck, it is time to look for ideas about the designs. This is closely related to your goal of building the deck and also the size of the backyard you have. If you are lucky having a spacious backyard, it is great to use it as an outdoor living space. You simply put some furniture, build a pergola or a hot tub. Then installing a basketball hoop or the slide on the poolside will make your child feel fun to play there.

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Wooden Pool Deck With Seating Area For Large Above Ground Backyard PoolRound Above Ground Pool With Composite Deck And White Vinyl RailingWhite Aluminium Pool Deck For Above Ground PoolL Shaped Above Ground Pool With Hardwood Deck IdeaRound Above Ground Pool With Light Grey Composite Deck And RailingWooden Pool Deck For Above Ground PoolTiered Composite Wooden Pool Deck For Above Ground Pool With Outdoor Seating Area And Hot TubVinyl Pool Deck For Above Ground PoolHardwood Pool Deck With White Aluminium Railing For Above Ground PoolComposite Pool Deck With Slide For Rectangle Above Ground PoolWooden Pool Deck With Corner Gazebo And Slide Plus Outdoor Hot Tub For Rectangle Above Ground PoolPine Wood Pool Deck For Round Above Ground PoolRound Above Ground Pool With Fountain And Wooden Deck Plus Iron Combo Railing

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