11 Wedge End Tables That Unique And Handy

Gray Wedge End Table With Storage Shelf

One of the goals of the end table is as an additional decoration or accent to a room. Therefore, choose an unusual design if you want to get a strong sense of accent. Although the wedge-shaped table is one of the most common shapes, but it has its uniqueness that resembles a leaf shape or narrowly triangular. Thus, picking the wedge end tables are ideal if you want to have an extraordinary piece of accent furniture. It is perfect to set in corner locations and becomes one of the right choices for smaller spaces.

As pictured in the photo gallery below that the wedge end tables come in many interesting options and most of them are found in wood. Nevertheless, the choice of wood vary so that you can freely choose according to your taste because of different kinds of wood, it will be in the different price and finish. The wooden wedge-shaped end tables are available in the natural shade, gray, black, and brown. Picking the one that suits your décor is part of the proper way of selecting furniture.

The unique shape and design are great. However, apparently, another benefit of the end table is to provide additional storage. You surely need this versatile piece of home furniture not only to hold the table or reading lamp, but also other small accessories such as TV remote control, eyeglasses, reading materials, and more, do not you? The wedge-shaped end table can be found in a diverse variety of storage such as open or tiered shelves, a drawer, magazine rack, a pull-out tray or shelf, and a combination of two or more types of storage such as the dark wood wedge end table with the drawer and magazine rack underneath.

The wedge end table with storage seems to be ideal to decorate the traditional room. For those who are looking for the accent table with such shape but that is suitable for modern homes, go with the cool wedge black end table. The design is minimalist with a single glossy chrome leg, yet that is what makes it look stylish and perfect if combined with the modern interior style. The black and the sleek chrome give it a strong and nice contrast. It has no storage features but no problem because the important thing is that it has attracted attention.

Now, talking about the size because this is a crucial thing. It is the same as you choose shoes that must fit in accordance with the shape of your feet to be comfortable and look harmonious. The perfect room is the room that is comfortable and balanced between the furniture set and its size available. Thus, you can move freely without being obstructed by the furniture around you. The wedge end tables come in various sizes. You can find the one that works well for your room whether the narrowest or the widest one. For more detail, feel free to browse the pictures below.

11 photos of the "11 Wedge End Tables That Unique And Handy"

Wedge Wood End Table With ShelfSolid Wood Wedge End Table With Drawer And Magazine RackBrown Wood Wedge End Table With Shelf For Decorative ItemsModern Wood And Metal Wedge End TableCool Wood Wedge End Table With Three LegsGray Wedge End Table With Storage ShelfSolid Wood Wedge End Table With Tiered ShelvesRustic Wedge End Table With Shelf StorageWedge End Tables With Pull Out Tray ShelfWide Wedge End Table With Open StorageSmall Wedge Wood End Table With Shelf

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