11 Stylish Skinny Sofa Table Designs

Skinny White Sofa Table With Shelves

For those of you who just recently furnished the living room, see and evaluate it. Are you satisfied or not? Is there maybe less? Ah, yes, there is no sofa table yet. Do you think it is important or not? If for me, it is very important. In fact, it will not only perfect the sofa, but it can mean more to the overall room’s layout. Besides functional, it is fashionable and can add the style. Notably, for the sofa table with drawers or shelves, it will provide a space for storage which is functional for small items.

The sofa table can be found in many styles, including shapes, sizes, materials, and colors. With so many choices, it sometimes makes you confused. Therefore, you need to know the tips to finding the ideal choice so you will not be disappointed.

  1. Consider the room’s space

The space available becomes a necessary consideration for all kinds of furniture, especially for an additional furniture such as the console or sofa table. The skinny sofa table is perfect for smaller rooms. Besides, it is okay for the larger ones. What you need to pay attention to is that the table lamp or decorative items you choose should not be wider than the surface of the furniture.

  1. Evaluate your sofa size

The main purpose of the sofa table is to buffer the back of the sofa with the wall. Choose one that is the same length and height as the sofa.

  1. Where will you put it?

The sofa table is basically to equip the sofa. In ancient times, it was put in front of the sofa, but now, it is more found to decorate the back of the sofa. In fact, many homeowners also use it as accent furniture in the entryway, foyer, dining rooms, or the bedroom.

If it is put behind the sofa near the wall, a simple skinny sofa table without storage is the right choice. In this case, you only need to pay attention to the material, size, model, and the appearance of the table surface only. Otherwise, if you want to put it in a more roomy area, for example, the entryway or foyer, the sofa table with storage is a great choice.

As presented in this post below, the skinny sofa table with storage can be found with full open storage that is low to the ground, tiered or side by side shelves, the drawer, and the combination of shelves and the drawer.

  1. The styles, the materials, and colors

It is true that the sofa table can add style to the room. Thus, choose the one that really matches the theme or the room or your style because the furniture can reflect the personality of the owner.

The skinny sofa table comes in all styles in several material choices and a diverse variety of nice colors. The glass table offers the clean look and nice impression. However, if you intend to put the heavy items on it, consider picking the solid wood or metal options.

Please take a look at the following pictures and find the one that works best for you.

11 photos of the "11 Stylish Skinny Sofa Table Designs"

Modern Skinny Metal And Wood Sofa TableUnique Skinny Wood Sofa Table With Dour Open StorageSkinny Hardwood Sofa Table For Creating Rustic AmbianceSkinny White Sofa Table With ShelvesSkinny Reclaimed Wood And Metal Pipe Sofa Table With Stools UnderneathReal Wood Skinny Behind Sofa Table For Decorative ItemsChrome And Glass Skinny Sofa Table With Open Storage UnderneathSkinny Espresso Wooden Sofa Table With Storage Shelf And DrawerTurquoise Wood Distressed Skinny Sofa Table With ShelfMetal Skinny Sofa Table With DrawersSkinny Metal And Wood Sofa Table With Tiered Shelves

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